My Exercise Routine

I suppose "exercise routine" is a bit misleading since my routine consists of a few videos and walking or running around the park.  But, since some people ask what I do for exercise I thought it would be worth it to share this with you.

My husband Jeff is a physical therapist by training, but now he does mostly golf fitness training and some personal training.  It's a common misconception that since my husband is a trainer that I have a free personal trainer at home.  This is so not the case!  We've tried it a couple of times and I drive him crazy.  Although I know he knows his stuff and he's an awesome trainer, I end up questioning him and not doing what he says simply because it's too hard or I don't want to.  Not to say that I don't benefit from his knowledge - every once in a while I'll ask him for specific exercises to target an area, or for ways to make my workout more effective.  (For example, he has convinced me that if I'm going to run or jog, that it's much more beneficial to do speed intervals rather than jogging at one speed.)  So other than the occasional tip, I've pretty much taken on exercise on my own.


For years now I've been combining cardio with weight training.  That's when I have the best results.  I only workout about 30 minutes 4-5 times a week which is all I'm willing to fit into our busy schedule right now.  When the weather allows I walk or run a few times a week, and the other days I do a workout video.


This is probably my favorite workout.  (Don't worry - Sam isn't as miserable in the stroller as he looks in this picture!  It's just the only picture I have.) They've both been riding in the stroller several times a week since they were born so they know it's part of our routine.   We are lucky enough to have a beautiful park right down the street.   It's only about 1 2/3 mile around and it takes around 20-25 minutes or so, but there are a few good hills and there is a lot of weight in that stroller so it's a great workout.

On the days we don't go to the park, I do one of these videos. 


30 Day Shred is the video I do the most.  It has 3 different 20 minute videos (that does not include warm-up and cool-down/stretching time) that include cardio, toning, and ab work.  They get progressively more difficult and I love that I'm able to tone and get a cardio workout in such a short amount of time.  I use a set of 3 lb weights and a set of5 lb weights.


I never knew I could get such a good cardio workout in my living room.  This video is about 40 minutes long, but I cut it down to about 30 minutes and still sweat up a storm.  This is all cardio but it also includes some weight resistance using your own body, such as jump squats, mountain climbers, and burpees. No equipment required for this one.


This is mostly a strength training workout, but you're moving so fast that it gets your heart-rate up as well.  It's about 40 minutes long, but again since I usually only have 30 minutes I cut out the ab work.  I figure I get enough of that with my other videos.  I love this video but I just saw this one online and I may have to order it.

Any of these workouts are good for guys, too.  My husband has done the 30-Day Shred with me and it certainly wasn't easy for him.  What I like about each of these is that they are definitely hard and they push me past what I would do on my own, but they're still completely doable.  

In addition to walking/running and doing my videos, I'm beginning to look into yoga. If any of you practice yoga regularly and have recommendations for me I would greatly appreciate it!