Our Meals for Next Week

Quite a few of you have said you'd like to know what I cook, and that you'd like some healthy recipes, so here we go!

Typically, I cook 3 nights a week.  Sometimes only 2, other times 4, but 4 is usually the max.  I'm big on leftovers so that I don't have to cook every night, but I also work most Monday and Wednesday evenings so I'm simply not home to cook on those nights.  

Here is my plan for next week.  I'm trying to limit our meat intake so it includes two vegetarian meals. 

Grilled Chicken or Steak

Sunday meals, if we eat at home, are usually about the same in the summer which means we will probably grill chicken.  Since I just stocked up on chicken today at Whole Foods we'll have our pick of split chicken breasts, boneless/skinless thighs, turkey brats or spicy chicken sausage.  Or we may do organic, grass-fed steaks from my husband's uncle's farm.  We'll throw some veggies (maybe corn, peppers, or zucchini) from the farmers' market on the grill, and have potatoes or homemade bread to round out the meal.  


I've only had falafel once and it was amazing, although I'm sure this one is a much healthier version.  I'll probably serve it with steamed broccoli and tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad. 



Black Bean Burgers

I've been meaning to try bean burgers for a long time, and I thought this recipe looked good.  It's from a blog I really like and I'll probably serve it with sweet potato fries as in her picture. 



So there you have it.  Our food plan for the week.   I know a lot of my readers have small children as I do.  Will my kids eat the falafel and black bean burgers? It's not likely, but they'll have to try it, and their alternative will be something healthy such as leftover chicken, sunbutter and jelly sandwich (my son is allergic to peanuts), whole wheat pasta (that I toss with olive oil, salt, and parmesan cheese for them), cheese, homemade whole wheat bread, things like that.  We always have a vegetable or two, and fruit for dessert.

**Disclaimer: These are new recipes that I haven't tried yet, but they sure do look good! 

Please comment and let me know if you want to see more posts like this, and if so I will share recipes I cooked the previous week. Who has some healthy recipes to share?